MEOW Token

What does cliff/vesting mean? Cliff is the period of time that must pass before the release of the tokens starts. For example, the cliff for tokens allocated to MeowSwap Team & Strategic Partnerships is 3 months.
Vesting is a process by which assets (MEOW tokens) are locked and released slowly over a certain period of time. Those assets cannot be sold or transferred until they are released. For example, the vesting for tokens allocated to MeowSwap Team & Strategic Partnerships is 24 months.
How can I buy MEOW tokens?
The best place to buy MEOW tokens is MeowSwap exchange: Nami wallet and GeroWallet are supported natively but you can use every Cardano wallet - just choose the desired pair, the amount you want to buy/sell and click "Swap" - a pop-up with detailed instructions will open.
You can also trade MEOW token on different exchanges - see or for current options.
What was MeowSwap IDO price? $0.60 per 1 MEOW token.
What is MeowSwap token ticker? Why are there a few different MEOW tokens? MeowSwap token ticker is MEOW. Token tickers are not unique and multiple projects can claim the same ticker. There is no way to “register” the ticker. The most important thing to remember is that Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs) have a unique policy ID (just like ETH or BSC tokens have contract addresses). MeowSwap’s MEOW policy ID is 1dd1a7dde0e1e82761325ee5f4719d0d4b7c24dfba77d9bee01eed4b - see for details. How can I stake MEOW? You will be able to stake MEOW via MeowSwap platform on - stay tuned to our social media channels to know when our staking platform starts. What are the benefits for stakers? What is the utility of MEOW token? Staking MEOW earns you xMEOW tokens Part of exchange commission goes to Reward Pool, xMEOW tokens can be exchanged back for MEOW tokens which are found in the rewards pool Check staking details in our dedicated article: Governance of MeowSwap platform Running a custom L2 node
MeowSwap commission distribution Every trade on MeowSwap DEX is charged a 40 basis points fee (0.4%). From these accumulated fees 25% of tokens (10 basis points = 0.1% of every transaction) is used to periodically buy MEOW tokens off the Market and deposit them into the Rewards pool. Another 75% of trading fees stay in the pool thus increasing total pool liquidity in the long run and are credited to people running liquidity pools increasing the size of their pools proportionally. What is xMEOW token? xMEOW is a reward token awarded to MEOW stakers, MeowSwap Node operators and liquidity providers. xMEOW can be exchanged for MEOW tokens. Check out our dedicated article to know all the details: How can I earn xMEOWs? xMEOW tokens are earned by staking MEOW tokens, operating a MeowSwap Node and Liquidity providing. Is MEOW token listed on CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap? Yes! See and